How to See if a Website Has Analytics Installed?

Method 1: DevTools network – the 100% working method

  1. Control+Shift+J, devtools
  2. Go to Network
  3. In the table columns, right click, make sure “Domain” is checked off
  4. Reload the page
  5. Try to find google-analytics or similar in domain request
  6. If you see it, it means analytics is installed
  7. This works 100% of time, because browsers need to load google analytics for the tracker to work. So if it does not load, it means the tracker is not installed.

Method 2 : View Source (Does not always work, but is faster if you are lazy)

  1. This works 70% of the time.
  2. Go to view source, search for text “UA-”
  3. You will likely see analytics code. If you see, then it is installed.
  4. Sometimes this does not work, try method 2.

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